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Welcome to Ref-X AS

The founders of Ref-X were the first to introduce slurry ice machines in Europe under the company name Lehmkuhl AS.

In 1984 we were experimenting with flake ice evaporators, crushers etc. to make a pumpable slurry. We were later the same year introduced to Canadian manufacturers of Binary ice makers and have since been a major supplier world wide (with over 200 installations). Over years we have worked with several manufacturers and in parallel developed accessories for storing, handling and developed the slurry market in general. Today slurry systems plays an important role in our product line which also includes almost any part of ice production, storage and delivery of ice.

The latest and most innovative is the 5th generation model of slurry ice machine is in the market. The technique is based on walled, scrape plate design. This unique machine allows capacities from 6 to 360tons of ice in one single evaporator with very low power consumption and at a very compact figure (360ton = H-1816mm, L-1295mm, W-1524mm).

This machine allows connection to most typical refrigerants in the market and can be connected to any refrigerant platform from ÷5 to ÷30°C.