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  • Versatile, mobile and any building type integration possibility allow M.I.R.S to be installed in any ice industry refrigeration room

  • M.I.R.S components can be chosen according industry requirements, variety of optional materials will suit any needs

  • M.I.R.S is ideal for operations that require large storage capacities and where ice consumption varies from day to day

  • System design allows delivery rate of up to 25tons per hour

  • Standard product as well as custom design available

  • Manual or automatic bin door operation

  • Application industries: seafood processing, fishing, aquaculture, meat and poultry processing, commercial bakery, concrete cooling, chemical manufacturing, packaged ice etc


  • Fully compatible with any type of screw conveyors and pneumatic delivery systems

  • Automatic adjusting rake system allows machine to be adjusted automatically according to present volume of ice

  • Hot dip galvanized, zinc plated or stainless steel components are available

  • Side-by-side or On-top container configuration allows for increased storage

  • Easy to use, easy to service, easy to maintain